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 Product Description

Our company manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality metal door & window frames.
Materials used are certified Electro-Galvanised Steel Strips conforming to all metal frames.

State-of-the-art Roll-Forming machinery and up-to-date technilogy are employed in the manufacturing process;
combined with professional workmanship, comprehensive technial and stringent quality control,
every metal frame built is truly a craftmanship of superior quality.


All HAI KANG STEEL metal frames, bearing the HAI KANG STEEL hallmark of quality and reliability, are fully ensured of all the following economical, constructional & engineering advantages:

  • higher cost effectiveness or more economical than timber frames
  • environment friendly, 100% recyclable
  • will not wrap, shrink, distort, rot or be damaged by pest attacks
  • fast & simple installation
  • lightweight & easy transportation
  • aesthetical with built in architraves hinges
  • come with hinges, striker plate & lock pocket and shock absorbing buffers
  • forming an integral part of the wall & enhance its structural strength
  • provide a smooth, clean & neat finish to brickwork
  • no additional surface preparation & readily paintable


(A) Hai Kang Steel KD-118 Metal Door Frame Knocked-Down System
(Patent Registration No: PI9700638)
Hai Lang Steel KD-118 Knocked-Down System Metal Door Frame is a patented innovation with advantages not found in the conventional built-up system to fulfill the specific needs of both the retailers and builders.

(B) Hai Kang Steel BU-118 Metal Door Frame Built-Up System
BU-118 Built-Up System Metal Door Frame is an alternative system available for the choice of builders or any other users to suit their constructional needs.



 Technical Specification

Hot-Dipped Galvanized, Electro Galvanized Steel


Head & jamb exclusive 14-fold (130WA, 140WA, 150WA, 156WA) /
8-fold rollformed profile (100 std)

Tagged, mitred, welded & treated / Patented Knocked-Down (KD-118) System


* The weight and height tolerance within +/- 2mm